Source code for pyretis.inout.plotting.plotting

# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
# Copyright (c) 2023, PyRETIS Development Team.
# Distributed under the LGPLv2.1+ License. See LICENSE for more info.
"""Definition of the base class for the plotter.

This module just defines a base class for plotters. This is just to
ensure that all plotters at least implement some functions and that we
can make use of them.

Important classes defined here

Plotter (:py:class:`.Plotter`)
    A generic class for creating plots.
from abc import ABCMeta, abstractmethod

__all__ = ['Plotter']

[docs]class Plotter(metaclass=ABCMeta): """Base class for PyRETIS plotters. This class defines a plotter. A plotter is just an object that supports certain functions which can be called by analysis output functions. It should define certain plots and the ``Plotter`` class is an abstract class just to make sure that all plotters define the needed plots. Attributes ---------- backup : boolean Determines if we overwrite old files or try to back them up. plotter_type : string Defines a name for the plotter, in case we want to identify it. out_dir : string, optional Defines an output directory for the plotter. """
[docs] def __init__(self, backup=True, plotter_type=None, out_dir=None): """Initialise the plotting object. Parameters ---------- backup : boolean, optional Determines if we overwrite old files or not. plotter_type : string, optional A name for the plotter. out_dir : string, optional A string which can be used to set an output directory for the plotter. """ self.plotter_type = plotter_type self.backup = backup in (True, 'yes', 'True') self.out_dir = out_dir
[docs] @abstractmethod def output_flux(self, results): """Plot flux results.""" return
[docs] @abstractmethod def output_energy(self, results, energies): """Plot energy results.""" return
[docs] @abstractmethod def output_orderp(self, results, orderdata): """Plot order parameter results.""" return
[docs] @abstractmethod def output_path(self, results, path_ensemble): """Plot results for each path ensemble.""" return
[docs] @abstractmethod def output_matched_probability(self, path_ensembles, detect, matched): """Plot the overall probability for path ensembles.""" return
[docs] def __str__(self): """Print out the basic info.""" return f'Plotter: {self.plotter_type}'