The PyRETIS analysis application

The PyRETIS analysis application, pyretisanalyse, is used to analyse the results from PyRETIS simulations. The general syntax for executing is:

pyretisanalyse [-h] -i INPUT [-V]

where INPUT is the input file for the analysis. This file is similar to the input file to the PyRETIS application with some differences:

  1. It contains the actual number of cycles/steps completed, specified by the endcycle keyword.
  2. It contains the directory from where the simulation was executed, specified by the exe-path keyword.
  3. It contains the number of particles in the simulation, specified by the npart keyword.
  4. It contains settings for the analysis, defined via the analysis section.
The INPUT file for the analysis is created automatically by running the PyRETIS application. This file is named out.rst and can be directly used as input for the analysis program.

Input arguments

Table 42 Description of input arguments for pyretisanalyse
Argument Description
-h, –help Show the help message and exit
-i INPUT, –input INPUT Location of the input file containing analysis settings.
-V, –version Show the version number and exit.